Predominantly Orange at C & D Photobook Show

My book Predominantly Orange is among 70 photo books being shown at the C and D photobook shows.

C Book Show Hosted by Create Studio, Brighton, UK

Opening night: Friday 17 Aug from 6pm

General opening: Saturday 18 Aug 10am - 6pm, Sunday 19 Aug 11am - 5pm

Panel discussion at venue: Saturday 18 Aug 2.30pm

D Book Show Hosted by The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki, Finland

Opening night: Friday 31 August 4th 6pm at the museum,

General opening: Friday 31 Aug 12 - 6pm, Saturday 1 Sept 11am - 6pm, Sunday 2nd Sept 11am - 6pm 

Panel discussion at venue: Sunday 2nd September from 2pm

C & D Book Show

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