Documenting Barangaroo - State Library of New South Wales acquisition

The State Library of New South Wales recently acquired eleven images that I shot in 2010 to record the topography and architecture of the Barangaroo precinct in Sydney at a unique moment when the heavy maritime industry had left but before any redevelopment of the site had taken place. The works are now held by the library for research & exhibition uses. 

The area has long been a favourite part of Sydney for me, largely due to the harbour and the proximity to the tugboat base that is so heavily associated with my father. It was an area I would use when between-jobs or filing images from the car in my Sydney Morning Herald days. It was also the area where comrade Glenn Campbell & I shot our project Wedding Watching which documented the exploits of Sydney wedding photographers who routinely brought their wedding parties to the Hotel Palisade in Millers Point for its ye olde world charm.

Barangaroo development site as seen looking north east from Ballaarat Park, Pyrmont. Houses on High & Kent Sts can be seen with the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

2016 Clip Award

My photograph Black Springs #3154, from 2015, has been selected as a finalist in the 2016 CLIP Awards, hosted by the Perth Centre for Photography. The exhibition runs from 18 March - 17 April 2016. Given how many portraiture awards exist in the Australian photography realm - the Olive Cotton award, Head On (yes, I know they’ve added a landscape category in recent years), the National Photographic Portrait Prize, and the Martin Kantor Portrait Prize -  I love that this award exists, even if the prize money is modest compared to the others, and hope that PCP sustains it.

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